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Traffic Guard featured in "The Responder" - Volume 1, Issue 6

By Rusty James, KC Scout - National Traffic Incident Management Coalition

KC Scout provides traffic control assistance at the scene of incidents on the highways in the Kansas City Metro area. As we support the law enforcement and fire personnel in the Metro area, Scout constantly seeks input from responders regarding any equipment that they feel is necessary to improve the safety of responders at the scene of incidents. For some time we have received requests about portable speed bumps or rumble strips to be deployed at the scene of incidents. These portable speed bumps or rumble strips were requested to slow traffic as it approaches or drives into the temporary traffic control at incident scenes.

Research was done in an attempt to locate an affordable, and easily deployable portable speed bump or rumble strip unit. The units that we found were very heavy and very expensive. This fall KC Scout was contacted by a representative from Astro Optics Corporation regarding a new portable speed bump unit that they had developed. The unit is the Traffic Guard Portable Speed Bump. KC Scout took delivery of two units from Astro Optics for use at incident scenes. These units are both affordable and easy to deploy. They store in a zippered carrying case that takes up very little space.

We are pleased to say that the Astro Optics Traffic Guard has worked well in slowing traffic. The Traffic Guard units are deployed in addition to the traffic control that is required at incident scenes. The units are highly visible and seem to get the attention of drivers approaching and entering incident scenes. The Traffic Guard Portable Speed Bump is a segmented unit that flexes to conform to the contour of the roadway. These units can also be configured to hold five (5) tubular markers that are inserted into the unit to form a barrier.

Since the initial units were delivered, KC Scout has purchased six (6) additional units. These have been assigned to our Motorist Assist and Emergency Response units throughout the Metro area. We believe that the Astro Optics Traffic Guard Portable Speed Bump will help to improve the safety of incident scenes, thus reducing injury to responders and the other highway users.

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