BlinkerStop® Flashing LED Paddle

Flashing LEDs get noticed!

BlinkerPaddle® LED Paddles make street crossings safer for school zones or other pedestrian crossings by using eight bright LED lights that flash in unison. This allows the STOP sign to get easily noticed. The LEDs match the STOP signs color and shape so drivers will immediately recognize the red flashing octagonal message.

Single/Triple Flashing Modes
Switch either or both faces on or off easily and instantly, and select single-flash (60 flashes per minute) or triple-flash (180 flashes per minute), at will.

Lightweight and Heavy Duty
The 18" BlinkerPaddle® weighs less than 2 pounds, reducing arm stress while maximizing safety.


  • Visible up to a mile away!
  • Light weight design minimizes arm & wrist stress
  • Convenient thumb switch easily turning on or off

Recommended applications

  • Protect children & crossing guards
  • Protect flaggers & crews
  • Draw attention for special event parking
  • Use for emergency response situations

BlinkerStop® Paddle specifications

Size: 18" sizes are available
LEDs: Single flash blinks 60 fps (flashes per second)
Sign Faces: Both sides are retroreflective. Faces are applied to a .040 high impact white Polystyrene substrate. The standard reflective sheeting is 3M Engineer Grade. High Intensity and VIP Diamond Grade are optional to meet state requirements.
Battery Powered: Uses (3) AA NiMH rechargeable batteries. Will operate for over 20 hours continuously per charge. Estimated battery life is 5 to 7 years under normal conditions. Any AA battery will operate the paddles in an emergency.
Switches: Thumb switch allows you to switch either face or both faces on or off easily and instantly
Includes: (1) BlinkerPaddle® LED paddle, (3) rechargeable NiMH batteries, (1) 110V AC wall charger and (1) 12V DC car charger
Optional: Carrying bag, holds 2 paddles

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