Traffic Guard Worker Alert System

The Challenges of Work Zone Safety

Work zone safety is a serious problem and a problem hidden from most people much like mailbox safety in which hundreds of people are killed and injured each year. OSHA has complete authority over incidents that occur on and off the road. If OSHA is called to investigate an accident you will be fined severely if you do not have proper documentation. All equipment needs to be fully operational at all times and should have routine maintenance performed regularly and this should be documented.

Any individual that is called upon to work on the highway needs to have proper safety training which informs him or her of the necessity to define his personal space, always wear proper reflective clothing and understand all regulations regarding flagging and the application of cones and work barrels.

OSHA recommended wearing a personal safety device that would give advanced notice of potentially dangerous situations.

ATSSA reports 579 fatalities occurred in work zones in 2013 along with 32,719 serious
accidents which resulted in billions of dollars worth of medical claims and lost income.

Worker Alert System May Reduce Risk to CDOT Workers

Colorado Department of Transportation Business Center, Chloe Sanders - Mar 13, 2017

Work zones are historically dangerous places to be. According to the American Traffic Safety Services Association, around 37,000 people are injured in work zone crashes nationwide each year, and about 600 people are killed. Most of these accidents could have been prevented if ... Read Article »

Worker Safety is Our #1 Concern!

The all new Traffic Guard Worker Alert System (WAS) consists of a lightweight, easy-to-transport trip hose and sensor assembly that wirelessly sends a signal up to 1000 feet away to a flashing rechargeable siren alarm and most importantly to an individual worker’s personal safety device. These PSD’s vibrate and also provide an audible sound through the included ear buds, giving workers extra precious seconds for notification of an impending danger. The trip hose is placed ahead or behind workers on the road, far enough away to provide ample warning in the event that a vehicle crosses over the hose, so workers can be alerted and get out of harm’s way.

Designed for rapid deployment and increased worker and workzone safety for all types of road emergencies.

When every second counts,
the Worker Alert System can help!

Customer Testimonial

"The Traffic Guard Worker Alert System is an excellent tool for our crews that are stationed next to live traffic. Earlier this year, we purchased this system for a paving crew that was paving next to live traffic on I-75. Our employees were exposed to traffic exceeding 60 mph and this concerned the foreman on the particular job. The feedback I received from our crew(s) utilizing the system was very favorable. Dan Cassel (Paving Foreman) stated, "The system gave us a sense of safety and we felt more at ease during the shift". In addition, Dan stated, if this system can save one life, it is worth the money spent. Finally, during normal operations and not using the Traffic Guard system, we see an overall risk score of 75 (being struck by a third party vehicle). This is based on the(Frequency, Likelihood and Severity) of an event (work-zone intrusion) occurring. When the Traffic Guard is in use, the overall risk drops 33%, just by warning our workers on foot of a potential work-zone intrusion. This is a great system and I appreciate Gary and his team for developing a system that could potentially save one or more lives, in our industry."

Ryan Stillings
Ohio Safety Director, Northwest Division

"The Worker Alert System is the golden ticket of safety for our workers on site."
James Scully
Operations Manager, Auckland Motorways, New Zealand

Possible Setup Situations

Standard Features

  • Wireless 12 feet trip hose with sensor (AA batteries required)
  • Rechargeable alarm/flashing light
  • Available heavy duty carrying case
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty (restrictions apply)
  • 1000 feet range

Customizing Options

  • Variable hose lengths
  • Variable wireless distance triggering
  • Personal safety vibration device
  • Sequential siren box alerting

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